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Located at the northwest corner of Babcock and 410. It's a purveyor of authentic Mexican taqueria dining.


At WAPO TACO, you can enjoy Mexico's Mexican food! Described as a Modern Taqueria, or Taco Cafe, offers authentic, delicious, affordable, fast, quality Mexican food that is NOT considered "Tex-Mex." We have a wide selection of traditional and non-traditional plates that will please any palate. At WAPO TACO, you will find the freshest, tastiest, tacos and more, along with our refreshing aguas frescas and excellent customer service. 

a little bit about the owners...

The Trujillo's are from a small town called Tala, Jalisco. Tala is best known for it's large sugar refinery. Tala is located about 30 kilometers west of Guadalajara, Jalisco, home of mariachis and tequila! They have always been passionate about Mexican Cuisine. They opened their 1st Taqueria in 1999 in Indianapolis, IN, Taqueria Don Victor's. In 2001, they opened a full-service restaurant, the award winning Don Victor's Fresh Mexican Food & Cantina, also in Indianapolis. In 2004, they opened their 3rd restaurant called..... You guessed it! Don Victor's Mexican Restaurant in Columbus, IN.

Now open as of June 1st, 2016, WAPO TACO, their 4th restaurant. Same great taste with a modern twist and different concept. Offering DELIVERY as well as very affordable CATERING for any occasion. Come and check us out TODAY and remember STAY WAPO!


October 2017

Blue Plate Winner!

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7907 W Loop 1604 N
Suite 101
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4263 NW Loop 410
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Mexico's Mexican Food


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Texas' Best Fajita Bar!


Angus beef fajita, grilled chicken fajita, refried Beans, Rice, hand-made flour tortillas, tortilla chips, & toppings. Order it for your office lunch or any special occasion! Starting @ $9.95 per person. Don't forget to add the Guacamole and/or Queso Dip!

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Sophina's Gourmet Desserts


The BEST of both worlds! Rich, moist, velvety chocolate cake, topped with a layer of luscious, creamy Flan

COCONUT PECAN COOKIES  Soft & Delicious, the combination of flavors are sure to please any palate


Soft & Delicious, the combination of flavors are sure to please any palate


Rich custard with a luscious, creamy finish, topped with a layer of caramelized sweetness